How A Round The World Trip Has Changed My Life?

It has been almost half a decade that I have been a nomad. I have been on round the world trip, gathering different experiences, tasting local cuisine, leaving different cities only to be back again, literally living life out of suitcase for all these days. The journey has been fascinating.

round the world trip

Often on the road I get asked this question how do I afford this travel! What are the odds of this life? Is this life always beautiful? Is this as romantic as it sounds? Well, here comes the practical suggestions I have gathered till date. My experiences are from the road and what I am going to tell you now is nothing sort of reality. Brace yourselves!

Do Not Worry, All Is Well!

One of the major reasons people shy away from long term traveling is the hesitation. Where you will find a place to stay? Whether you will find the perfect accommodation for the night specially in countries like India! Whether it’s gonna be safe! Will the locals be welcoming you to the new culture or not. Whether you can adapt with the new cuisine! What if you fall sick! I know there are hundreds and thousands of questions but trust me travel these days is much safer then we can imagine and also everywhere there is a community of expats living who are always eager to help the new bird.

Being Responsible

And that is not only about responsible travel and worrying about sustainability of the new place but also taking care of yourself from every aspect. You make sure as a person you learn on the road. You experiment, make mistakes and learn from the same and there will be a time you will pass this wisdom on to the next person available. The experiences will make you rich and I am not talking about money but life skills. It is not necessary to always plan round the world travel in a shoestring budget however at the same time I would suggest do not be wasteful. Personally I have evolved new skills just to support my Nomadic lifestyle and the aim to accomplish round the world trip within time.

Take Care Of Yourself

Do not forget to pack the essentials in your bag. Always carry a sunscreen, ditch the guide book, make friends with locals or at least try to and explore new places. This will not only help you relax but also forget the worries and bouts of depression that might happen. Indulge in a hobby. For example, I have learnt to keep a journal. This is my personal space, beyond my travel blog and I cherish every moment I have lived at a certain place by just turning over the pages.

Open Up To People

You are out there in a vast world without a friend or family by your side. Man being a social animal needs social interaction. What works for me is to take up a language course in a new land. This helps me to interact with people from many different cultures. I have made great friends on the road thanks to my multilingual ability. Be open to a situation where romance may happen. Let it grow in full bloom. There is no reason to not follow or say goodbye even before trying.

But even before you start let me give you the golden suggestion! The word of advice that you should never forget. There would be always a number of people discouraging you. Telling you about the threats, the negatives. However, in all honesty the road is where life moves on. So you must take the plunge if your heart wants it and this comes from a traveler who has been traveling since past 7 years. Round the world trip is nothing short of a celebration of life. The precious life you have been given, CHERISH IT!

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