Are you a Round the World Traveller? Then Visit Antarctica

One of the most daring adventures of a traveler’s life remains undoubtedly is to visit Antarctica. Famously referred to as the snow continent, Antarctica wears a white blanketed over the years and features to be one of the most mysterious place in the world.

While penguins and seals rule the landscape along with keen Geo-scientists on a mission to calculate the risks of life on the land from across the globe, multiple tour operators are heading to the place with an aim to establish a lucrative prospect of tourism business.

That said, to visit Antarctica is a unique experience and cannot be compared with the regular round the world travels we make to other places of interest. The risks associated with travels are not to be ignored either.

The rough sea, unprecedented climate, cruel weather condition, all of them plays a role in how successful your trip will turn out. Nonetheless here are the highlights of the experience to inspire you to visit Antarctica, the southernmost place on the planet.

Visit Antarctica

Abundance Of Snow

The Earth’s southernmost continent is covered with thick layers of snow. Nothing romantic with the snow fall here, the layers of snow are age old. And the ice is thick of about 2 km! A stay here at the coldest, driest, and windiest part is the world is unique in every sense and needs extreme health stamina.

Access Is Limited

At any point of time, there resides from 1000 to 5000 people at the research centres. However they are scientists and trained to survive in the harsh conditions. Tourists by far may visit the shores with sea voyages, can fly over the continent or access to land with special mounting condition. The stays are limited and needs various checks performed prior to the visit.

The Summer!

Antarctic summer stays from November to March, the austral summer season with 24 hours of daylight. During the winter the sea is frozen. Carry enough sunscreen to save from sunray from above and reflected from the ice!

Mount Terror

World’s southernmost active volcano Mount Erebus resides here. Also with extreme immovability and funding you may access the Southern Pole of the world and nearby camp, abandoned by former Soviet union. The gold bust of Lenin facing Moscow can be viewed even when it is covered with snow. Take a stop at the Anver Island which is also the most touristy part of the continent with museums etc.

The Land Of Penguins

Exercise caution when confronted with the indigenous populace of the continent. Ponies, sledges and dogs, skis, tractors, snow cats are the mode of commute here and use them with caution, respecting the pristine land.

All these may show you a rosy picture of travelling to one of the most excruciating route of the world. And no matter how much precautions one take, the risks associated cannot be mitigated either.

You should also be careful about the distinct weather condition of the continent and take all the precautions to travel responsibly. A bit of carelessness by any one of us, when cumulated together, may bring in catastrophe for the region and impact its local life.

Take time out to research for the most eco friendly company that set sails on the waters near Antarctica. Pack accordingly. Carry loads of warm cloths and basic medication. Do not forget to tag along with an insurance company of repute, for this trip is like no other one existing in the travel scene.

In case you are an Antarctica veteran, do not forget to help us with your valuable inputs!

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